Reveries to the
sun & the moon

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know,” proclaimed Diane Arbus of her chosen craft. Brazilian photographer Geraldo Melo's pictures take the viewer through a melange of secrets, observing via the lens how people interact and become one with the environment around them. The eye of his camera captures people and places in motion, allowing the viewer to get a sense of the energy surrounding them, becoming a part of the scene and being drawn into the kinetic energy of the snap-shot. 

Uniquely vivacious and grand, each one of Geraldo Melo's photographs contains the motion and speed of a cinematic film, giving the illusion that each of the subjects in the photograph could jump to life at any moment. There is a gorgeous spontaneity contained in his oeuvre, offering up a bright, beautiful understanding of the world and all its moving parts. Each picture creates a narrative in and of itself that is open for interpretation, inviting questions and giving few answers as that is not its goal. Ultimately, each image in an experience unto itself, allowing the audience to step through the doorway of the picture and into a world bustling with life and sounds and smells that they have never known, and adventure offered in film. 

Geraldo Melo sees the world in a caring, exuberant way, portraying it for his audience in its most beautiful state. By sharing his vision with us, Mr. Melo gives us the chance to share in his wonderment at the ways in which humans become one with their surroundings, making them feel whole and lived in. There is no sense of displacement in his photos, merely a continuation, environment running through the populous and vice-versa. Charged with life and energy, each one of his photos is a gorgeous amalgamation of human civilization on earth, showing just how important that humanity is not only to the scenery, but to the world itself. 

Brilliant and inspired, Geraldo Melo's photographs work as a doorway into other worlds disparate from the lives we live daily, an adventure contained in the camera lens. Mr. Melo's photography is celebrated across the globe with examples of his work appearing in the Brazilian branch of Rolling Stone magazine and other places. He has also directed several documentary films and has had his pictures appear in several books. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is honored to shine the spotlight on this photographic genius!

Ruthie Tucker
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery