Ordinary and magic

When I first saw Geraldo Melo’s photographs, I felt like I was discovering a new form of photographic expression.

One peculiar thing about them, there was nothing strange in his photos, no purpose to shock those who saw them whatsoever, even though they were marked by a very peculiar expression.

Among his pictures, the first one to especially move me portrayed the wide view of the architecture of an old city, with tall buildings imposing themselves to the viewer's sight. A different expression radiated from them, as an undisguised impact. However, I felt the same impact when seeing more of his photographs, whether they showed a bridge over a river, a girl crossing through a wooded park or a group of men eating around a table. All, at the same time, ordinary and magical.

At first I thought that such magic arose from the colors, the originality that Geraldo Melo can reproduce in the color of his photographs. And maybe that is true. However, when seeing a black-and- white photo, I have found out that such magic is not solely the result of the colors, but also of a special aura with which he permeates the images he photographs, the way he conceives his compositions and the form-and- space / light-and- shadow relations, typical of his photographic language.

Referring to his own art, Melo says his photographs are not only the result of his techniques, but also of a long reflection upon what he will shoot.

I have no doubt that photographs of such quality would not arise only from the casual capture of images.

Ferreira Gullar