Fragments of Havana and New York

Geraldo Melo astonishes at each movement. His human investigation is made of rare findings of the same matter scattered through distinct territories. He moves, thus, in a calculated manner, but without certainties. It was what he did when he sought Havana and New York at the very moment in which the state of things was in the verge of modification for the first time in many years. Diligent, he endeavored to discover similarities between two identities, two cultures, two ideologies in apparent opposition, however, about to mingle again. A trip that travelled through the historic hiatus between contemporary men and women. Something to be perceived without judgment, as different points of view that show the same truth. The side effects of Geraldo’s pictures are as unpredictable as his image creation. His poetry resides in the unpretentiousness of who photographs only to tell stories and ends up making history.

Karla Mourão e João Sobral