Portraits of faith

Registering expressions of faith of various religions and regions happened by chance in my photographic journey in search of all that equates differences – awakening our humanity – perhaps due to the deep respect I have for those that do not doubt and surrender confidently to the practices and crafts of spirituality. Once more, the traditions and customs of different countries and cultures are similar in content and intention, despite apparently being distant in form and expression.

Faith is perhaps the most genuine human feeling, which seeks support in the magical dimension when faced with the challenges and difficulties that history has proposed and now proposes. Whether to accept ones fate without suffering or in an attempt to change it through divine intervention, humanity has created and recreated sects and religions that often enchant due to the beauty of their rituals and depth of their concepts, but that many other times are surprising in their ability to deprive mankind from its actual godly vocation, setting it apart from itself and its fellow men.  

The Portraits of Faith series can be understood as a pagan prayer for a more just and united world, where magic and divinity serve compassion, deep understanding of each other, and the fellowship that results from this condition as equals before the universe: equally unimportant, equals in service of a life that goes on.

I have faith it will be so.



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